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Missing and damaged teeth not only detract from the aesthetic of your smile but can hamper normal bite function. At the practice of Dr. Nicholas Terse, we provide options for restorations that not only complete patients’ smiles but match the neighboring healthy teeth, restoring comfort and confidence.

Whether you have a chipped front tooth or need a crown for a molar, contact our Worthington restorative dentist today to schedule your exam and consultation.

Available Dental Restorations

When patients come to our practice, we take time to understand their unique health and cosmetic needs. We work with them to create an individualized treatment plan that meets their goals. Your treatment plan can include any of the following treatments to restore your smile:

Composite Resin: This durable material can be matched to the shade of a patient’s teeth before it is applied to the enamel. These tooth-colored fillings are ideal when treating teeth visible in the smile. If patients have chipped enamel, this can also be used to rebuild the structure of the tooth.

Porcelain Crowns: Dr. Terse uses e.max® and zirconia crowns to restore teeth in both the front and back of the mouth. These lab crafted restorations maintain the natural appearance of your tooth while comfortably reinforcing structure so that you can chew and speak normally.

Crowns can also be used replace single missing teeth when added to a dental implant. To learn more, view our implant restorations page.

Porcelain Bridges: If you are missing one or more teeth porcelain bridges are an excellent choice. These prosthetics are fixed to surrounding teeth by porcelain crowns, ensuring they support the full function of your bite and preventing existing teeth from moving toward the space in your smile.

Full and Partial Dentures: Dentures are the ideal prosthetic for patients missing most or all of an arch. Partial dentures are supported by a wear-resistant cobalt chrome frame that affixes to the remaining healthy teeth and ensures your bite is stable.

Dr. Terse also provides traditional and implant-supported complete dentures. These full dentures are held in the mouth by dental adhesives or implant posts, respectively, and look like natural teeth and gum tissue.

Have Your Smile Restored by Dr. Nicholas Terse

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your smile because of missing or damaged teeth, contact Dr. Terse and our team today! We provide tooth-colored restorations for patients in Worthington and throughout the neighboring communities. 

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