Progressive Dental Plan


We are excited to announce the Progressive Dental Plan.  The plan is designed for our valued patients whom do not have dental insurance, but want to maintain their dental health. What we are seeing is that dental benefits are becoming a barrier to achieving optimal dental health. Dental insurance plans have increasing restrictions and limitations on what they cover, leaving the patient frustrated.  While insurance companies continue to change their coverages, we cannot change our philosophy of providing the best dental care for our patients.  With this plan there are no deductibles, no waiting periods, no pre-authorization, no yearly maximums, and no pre-existing conditions. Please review the information below and should you have any questions, our team is available to discuss the details of the plan.  New Patient Comprehensive Plan is for new patients only.

*This is not a Dental Insurance Plan*


Included Benefits for Preventative Maintenance Plan

Routine Cleanings: 2

Periodic Exams: 2

Emergency exam and Radiograph: 1

1 set of Bitewing x-rays

Panorex (1 every 3 years)

Fluoride treatment for children up to 18 years old

15% Discount off all other treatment

Plan Cost: $415

 New Patients can join the New Patient Comprehensive Plan that includes the above treatment plus: 1 Comprehensive Initial Exam and 1 Periodic Exam, and 1 Full Mouth Series of Radiographs.   Plan Cost: $445

Terms and Limitations

Plan Effective Date is the date when the enrollment fee is paid in full.

Plans are active for 365 days from the enrollment date.

Plans will only remain active if all treatment is Paid in Full at the time of service.

If using Care Credit, a 5% Administrative fee applies.

Payments are due on the date of service to receive the savings. This excludes financing options such as Care Credit.

No other reduction of fees can be combined with membership.

Plans do not apply to dental treatment needed following any type of injury where a lawsuit and therefore outside medical, care, disability, or workman’s comp type insurance are involved.

Enrollment fees and Plan Benefits are subject to changes during the year.

Plans apply to routine dental cleanings.  If periodontal cleanings, namely, Full Mouth Debridement or Periodontal Maintenance are required, patient will pay the difference between the routine cleaning and their procedure.

Plans are not transferable to another party or family member.

Patient is responsible for making and keeping appointments.

Exam, radiographs, cleanings, and other features of the plan must occur within the plan year and cannot be carried over to the next year.

For an emergency appointment, only the examination and radiograph are covered. Patient is responsible for any other dental work completed during the appointment.

Annual enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Progressive Dental Plan is only accepted at Nicholas J. Terse, DDS, LLC: therefore, if the patient is referred to another office or specialist, benefits will not carry over.